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Performing Arts

The Marist College Performing Arts department incorporates Music, Drama, Dance and Performing Arts Technology.


Dance is expressive movement that has intent, purpose, and form. In dance education, students integrate thinking, moving, and feeling.  

  Students explore and use dance elements, vocabularies, processes, and technologies to express personal, group, and cultural identities, to convey and interpret artistic ideas, and to strengthen social interaction.   

 Students develop literacy in dance as they learn about, and develop skills in, performing, choreographing, and responding to a variety of genres from a range of historical and contemporary contexts.

Dance Course Outlines
2016 Y11 dance course outline.docx
2016 Y12 dance course outline.docx
2016 Y9 dance course outline.docx
Year 13 Course outline DANCE 2016.docx
2014 Y8 Dance Course Outline.docx
2016 Y10 Dance Course Outline.docx
Y7 Dance course outline.docx
Drama Course Outlines
2016 Y12 Drama course outline.docx
Year 8 Course Outline 2016
Year 10 Course Outline 2016
2016 Y9 drama course outline.docx
Level 1 Drama Course Outline 2016.docx
Year 13 Course Outline 2016.docx
P.A. Technology Course Outlines
2016 Y12 PAT course outline.docx
2016 Y13 PAT course outline.docx


The Music programme in Y 7, 8 and 9 is taught for the duration of one term. It aims to establish basic knowledge, understanding and interest towards the subject. 

The rationale behind the course is to expose the students to music elements, ways to record the length and the pitch of the sound with music notation and to use this knowledge to compose short pieces of music.

The practical application of this knowledge is taught through learning simple melodies on Glockenspiels, 3-4 chords songs on Ukulele, Guitar and Piano, Voice and Drums.

The understanding of the different music styles is continuously explained but not assessed in Y 7 and 8. A focused identifying and application of music elements of higher scale, like harmony, structure, instruments etc. is included in the research project of the Y 9 programme.

Below is the outline of some topics and projects taught in the course:

Elements of music – listen to, experiment with and recognize the difference of pitch, length, volume, timbre, tempo and texture.

Rhythmic and Staff Notation – Time values of notes, stave, names of notes, G and F clefs, Rhythmic and melodic dictations, games and exercises (Differentiated tasks).

Composition - Compose melody after exploring ways of melodic movement, and different structures and forms.

Performance - Playing the Glockenspiel, Ukulele and Guitar- learning chords C, F, G and A, E and D major, Group performance in Y9 including drums and piano.

Music Knowledge - Classical composer, World music and Contemporary music research, involving computers with suggested secure websites.

The Year 10 music programme aims to continue and further develop the students’ skills in Performance, Music theory, Composition and Music Knowledge in a more thorough, in-depth way. It caters for the individual needs of every student and recognizes the different level of their abilities in music performance and theory knowledge. The course is designed to develop the necessary entry skills recommended for the NCEA Level 1 Music. It includes:
  • Development of aural and theory skills equal to Gr 2 
  • A Brief course of History of music, including Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic styles
  • Composition, including Round and Film Music
  • Performance – Solo or/and Group
  • Music knowledge – analysis of short music work 
If the students are not playing an instrument yet, they will be enrolled in the Itinerant and Extra-curricular music programme in the school.

The Year 11, 12 and 13 course follows the requirements of the Achievement Standards of NCEA and continues the study in the outlined standards as above.

Itinerant Music Programme

Marist College offers itinerant, group music lessons in the following instruments:
Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Violin, Violoncello, Double bass, and Drums. Private guitar tuition is offered in collaboration with the Lewis Eady Music School.

Extra-curriculum groups: 
APPA Choir – Y 7-8
Marist Stella Choir – Y 9-13
Marist Orchestra
Marist Jazz Band

Every year the students participate in the NZ Music Month, Family Festival, the Singing cup competition, Prize giving ceremonies and other events like the school musical and productions, charity and community events.