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Welcome to Marist College Sport

Marist College is committed to providing a holistic education to all of its students. This includes the provision of both sporting and recreational opportunities. 

We recognize the considerable benefits of participation in sports. Students participate in sports for different reasons whether with the intention to win, learn new skills, make friends or just have fun. 

All students are encouraged and given the opportunity to participate in sport at the level of their interest and ability.

We hope that your daughter will take advantage of the opportunities that our sports programme provides. All sports are advertised in our daily notices through out the year.

For more information please contact us,
details below.

Janelle Tupai
Sports Co-Ordinator
Marist College Sports Department

Contact Us

Sports Co-ordinator All Year 9 - 13 Queries
Janelle Tupai j.tupai@maristcollege.school.nz
Ph (09) 846 8311 ext.745

Sports Co-ordinator Assistant All Year 7 & 8 Queries
Maria Walker m.walker@maristcollege.school.nz
Ph (09) 846 8311 ext.745
(Available Mon, Wed, Fri)
2019 Sports Fees
2019 Sport fees
Sports Handbook
Sport guidelines 2020
Term 4 Training & Games
Term 4 Training and Games
Volunteer Coach Application
Volunteer Coach Application

2019 Sports Major Award Winners

  • Sportswoman of the Year: Sally Solomona
  • Team of the Year:
    1st XI National Football Team
  • PTFA Sports Scholarship:
    Sophie Culpan
    Mariana Foster
    Amelia Lythe
    Laci Sampson
    Isabella Walden

School Onsite Physiotherapy Clinic

Physiotherapist: Miriam Margison 
Location: Wellness Centre Marist School House  
Phone: 0212813332 (8am-3pm) 
Appointments: ONLINE BOOKINGS through this link

ACC forms to be filled out at time of initial appointment or prior. ACC forms are available from the clinic at any time. Parents will be notified by Miriam if your daughter is 14 yrs or younger and has attended the clinic for treatment.  Parents welcome to book their child in for treatment using the online booking system.  All treatment is FREE to students and staff provided ACC has agreed to cover the injury. Private patients $25 per visit (non ACC funded treatment).  Students will attend a 40min initial appointment and 20 min follow up appointments. They will be encouraged to vary the classes they miss and to use break times to make appointments and rehab sessions.  

CLINIC HOURS: Mon: 8am-2pm 
Tues: closed 
Wed: 8am-2pm 
Thur: 8am-2pm 
Fri: 8am-2pm 

Note: 8am-8.30 daily is strapping clinic no appointment necessary.   

I look forward to working with Marist students and staff 2020   
Kind regards,  Miriam Margison