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Sport Handbook
Sport Handbook
2018 Winter Sport Training
Training & Game Days

2018 Award Nominations

Nominations for 2018 Awards are now open.  

To nominate for Student Umpire, Student Coach, Coach and Manager for the year - please enter here.
Marist College is committed to providing a holistic education to all of its students. This includes the provision of both sporting and recreational opportunities. We recognize the benefits of participation in sports as considerable and significant. Students participate in sports for different reasons whether with the intention to win, learn new skills, make friends or just have fun. All students should be encouraged and given the opportunity to participate in sport at the level of their interest and ability.

We hope that your daughter will take advantage of the opportunities that our sports programmes provide. All sports are advertised in our daily notices. 

Miss Janelle Tupai
Sports Coordinator

Please feel free to contact me on j.tupai@maristcollege.school.nz

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