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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Marist College is underpinned by our Catholic Character and Marist Charism. Students are at the centre of all that we do. We aim to know students personally in order that they fulfil their true potential in all areas: striving to become the people God wants them to be.

Our Chaplin Father Kevin, Sister Lorraine provided a wonderful reflection on the ‘Our Father’ and linked to our wonderful role models Pope Francis and Jeanne Marie Chavoin. Below is the slide presentation used.

Who to consult

Deans and Whanau Teachers

For information about your daughter’s subject choices, academic progress, attendance or behaviour. 

Year 7
- Mrs Barwig-Uini - Extension 837
Year 8 - Mrs Vershuur - Extension 845
Year 9 - Ms Finlay - Extension 716
Year 10 - Mrs Leman - Extension 709
Year 11 - Miss Nicklin - Extension 831
Year 12 - Mrs Papa - Extension 736
Year 13 - Mrs Leggett - Extension 821

Chanel House (Yellow)  
Deans: Miss Nicklin, Mrs Tagomoa
Whanau Teachers:  NDD - Ms Dakanay, NCR - Ms Rhodes, NDW - Mr Wong, NEH - Mrs Vershuur, NNN - Mrs Nathaniel, NCS - Ms Skellern.

Champagnat House (Blue)  
Deans: Mrs Leman, Mrs Papa
Whanau Teachers: PSL - Mrs Lisboa, PKM - Ms Middleton, PMY - Ms Yeoman, PDH - Mrs Al-Habash, PGA - Mrs Smith, PRP - Mr Purdie.

Colin House (Green) 
Deans: Mrs :Leggett, Mrs Verschuur
Whanau Teachers: LPH - Mr Hassan, LSH - Mrs Masters, LRR - Ms Ronald, LEL - Miss Laika-Momoisea, LRM - Mr McIlwrick, LHR - Mrs Roy.

Chavoin House (Red)            
Deans: Ms Finlay, Mrs Barwig-Uini
Whanau Teachers: VTT - Matua Tauroa, VMI - Mrs Fautuaali'i Taia, VSN - Ms Schon, VHK - Mrs Brook, VSI - Ms Siakumi, VPT - Mr Pitts.

Marist College  -  Ph: 846 8311
The Marist College staff believe that contact between home and school is of vital importance. We therefore, would welcome speaking to you when you have queries or wish to give us information, which may influence your daughter’s progress. The following is a guide to the most appropriate person you should contact in each situation.

Student Advocacy Counsellor - Miss Karen Geaney- Extension 738
For families or students who are facing difficulties at school or in their personal lives.

Accounts Administrator - Mrs Yates -
Extension 703
For queries about accounts and fees and when making payments.

School Secretary - Mrs Bold -
Extension 700
For general telephone enquiries. Please note parents wishing to contact their daughter(s) during the school day should limit this to urgent business only.

Principal’s PA - Mrs McKinney -
Extension 726
For appointments with the Principal.

The Principal, Mrs Raechelle Taulu, the Deputy Principals Ms Lucy Hill (Administration) and Mrs Cecilia Adams (Curriculum), are always happy to see parents and to willingly give whatever assistance they are able to. However, it is best to make an appointment so as to avoid unnecessary delays.

Deans play an important role in the pastoral care and administration of students in a Year Level assigned to their care. Deans are assisted by the whanau teachers, who have responsibility for a vertical whanau group, comprised of students from all year levels.

House System

House System
The College operates a House system with vertical Whanau Groups, comprised of students from Year 7-13, in each House. The 4 Houses are named after significant members of the Marist Story:

Colin House - named after Father Jean Claude Colin, the founder of the Marist family and in particular the Society of Mary - Marist Fathers and Brothers (sm).

Champagnat House - named after Saint Marcellin Champagnat. He was one of the original group who wished to form the Society of Mary. He founded the Marist Brothers of the Schools (fms).

Chavoin House - named after Jeanne Marie Chavoin who with Jean-Claude Colin founded the congregation of the Marist Sisters in 1823. An international congregation, the first community in New Zealand was established at Mount Albert in 1927.

Chanel House - named after Saint Peter Chanel who was part of the first group of Marist Fathers and Brothers who came out to the Pacific in 1836 as Missionaries. He accompanied Bishop Pompallier. St Peter Chanel is the patron saint of New Zealand.