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Stationery Lists

The College will NOT be selling stationery to students at the start of the school year. We ask you to purchase the necessary stationery for your daughter prior to the start of the school year.   

OfficeMax have our stationery lists on their website and you can order directly from them.

Your daughter will need to have all her stationery requirements before lessons begin.
2019 Stationery Lists
Year 7 2019 Stationery
Year 8 2019 Stationery
Year 9 2019 Stationery
Year 9 2019 Stationery
Year 10 2019 Stationery
Year 11 2019 Stationery
Year 12 2019 Stationery
Year 13 2019 Stationery
Stationery Supplier
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