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School Rules - What you need to know

As members of a Catholic community, students are expected to show respect for others at all times. 
You will need a pass for the following:

Incorrect School Uniform
Correct school uniform is to be worn at all times. If wearing incorrect uniform, students must report to the S103 at morning administration time (8.30am) with a note from home, to get a Pass from the Dean. Students wearing incorrect uniform without a Pass from the Dean will receive an instant detention.

Late to School 
Students must be punctual to classes. Students must come directly to school and not linger in places such as Rocket Park or the Alberton shops (except with parental supervision). Whānau time starts at 8.30am. If students are late they must report to the office, sign in and receive a late pass which is to be given to the Class/Whānau Teacher (except Wednesday/Friday Assembly—students go straight to assembly). - If student does not have a note she will receive an instant detention (report to S103 at Break 1)- If a student does not sign in she may be given an after school detention. 

Please contact the school office before 8.30am on the day of your daughter’s absence. The office can be contacted on 846 8311 or email absences@maristcollege.school.nz. If no notification is received, a text will be sent to your parents/caregivers mobile phone.  

Extended Absence
Permission must be requested in writing from the Principal prior to the absence for extended absences of more than 3 days.

Exit Pass/Leaving School Early
Students must not leave the school grounds unless they have an Exit Pass. Students must sign in and/or out at the school office when leaving from, or returning to school. If a student has to leave school during the day, she must bring a note to her Whānau Teacher at whānau time. The Whānau Teacher will then issue an Exit Pass. When the student needs to leave class, she will show the teacher her Exit Pass and proceed to the school office to sign out. The office staff will check the pass as the student signs out. On returning to school, the student will sign in at the school office and the office staff will give the student a Late Pass which will allow the student entry into class. On assembly days these are available from a Dean.

Out of Class Pass for Sickness or Panadol
If you require an Out of Class Pass you need to request this from your class teacher, and then go to the office where staff will assist with medical needs.
Please be aware of the following school rules:

Digital Technology— Mobile Phones, Electronic Equipment etc
Please refer to the Cyber Citizenship Agreement. Note: Mobile phones are not to be used, seen or heard during school hours 8.30am-3.10pm except with teacher permission.

Food and Drink
Food and drink are forbidden in corridors and teaching areas during classes. Drinking water is acceptable at the teacher’s discretion.

Chewing Gum
This is a chewing gum free school. 

Any prescription or non prescription medicines must be stored in the sickbay and administered through the school office.

Addictive Substances
Possession and/or use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, except personally prescribed medicine (which should be stored at the office without exception), is forbidden at school, at any function or trip, in school uniform or when representing Marist College. Any prescription medicines must be handed in to the school office for safe keeping. 

Students must inform Mrs Dale if they are driving cars/motor bikes to school. No student is allowed to transport another student without parental permission. Student parking is restricted to side roads off Kitenui Avenue & Alberton Avenues. 

All visitors to school must report to the school office and obtain a visitors badge.

The Roy Clements walkway is to be avoided for safety reasons.

Alberton Ave Shops
The Alberton Ave shops are out of bounds to all junior students before, during and after school, except with parental supervision. Year 13 students have special passes for nominated lunchtimes which involve signing in and out at the office.


Chewing Gum
Instant detention Break 1 in S103.

Not obtaining Uniform Pass, Late Pass, Out of Class Pass, Exit Pass
Detention - Break 1 in S103.

Late to School
Late to school, without a note or adequate reason, will receive instant detention in S103 at Break 1.

After-School Detention
At some time a student may be given a detention for breaking school rules. At least 24 hours notice will be given so that arrangements can be made. The student will be required to stay after school on the detention day designated and work as directed by the teacher in charge.

Digital Technology - Mobile Phones, Electronic Equipment etc.
Misuse of digital technology (please refer to the Cyber Citizenship Agreement, signed by all Marist College students regarding responsible use of digital technology) may result in the item being stored in the school office during school hours or parents asked to collect the item from school office.