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Learning websites that we like...

One of the Tech Angels activities is reviewing learning sites that they think other students might find valuable. Some examples are below.
(Page under construction - September 2016)


Learning website review: Teoria Music Theory

Reviewed by Realyn Saldanha, year 8


Teoria is a great website if you want to learn more about music.

It gives you theory tutorials and pretty cool exercises to help you learn the basics. It also has ear training exercises if you like listening, or want to know more about how notes sound. At the bottom of the screen it has ‘Today in Music History’ which is good to build your general knowledge in music. There is an articles section with topics from the music world about Beethoven and other famous musicians.

The site is easy to use for kids aged 10 and up. Even adults would like it as it can test their music knowledge.

One suggestion for the website from me would be to develop more fun ways to teach music like videos or an app so that students do not have to go all the way to the computer or laptop.

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