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Current ICT Events, Clubs and Competitions

1-Minute Film Competition 2018



Regular get-togethers throughout the year, aimed at bringing together school students, tertiary students and women in the workplace. 

Media Design School open days

Media Design School in the CBD is a great place to study if you're interested in digital art, animation and game-making.They have open days at various times throughout the year, plus a weekend open day in August.


ICE Courses (Intro to Computer Engineering)

Cyber Security (which is the pre-requisite for the following courses)
 Cloud Technologies
  Servers (Open to Year 13)
Digital Forensics (Open to Year 13)

CODE(Software Development)
Programming (to be done in this order);
Mobiles (Open to Year 13)
Artificial Intelligence (Open to Year 13)


This is an aspirational and inspiring group of young women (and when I say young I mean 17!!) who are on a mission to inspire and encourage other female high school students. They are keen to encourage girls into tech but with an business and entrepreneur mindset!

They also encourage and support GirlBoss 'pods' - ie, Groups to run their own events and groups within their own schools. Just get in touch with them here to find out more! 

Girl Code

This is a workshop run by Matt and Alice Gatland.  They've been running them for about a year now with great success. The group work together to build a web application. The course cost $400 for the full 8 weeks.
They have also just started to run a schools program too - for more information, check out the details here: http://girlcode.co.nz/schools/ 

Join Web Rangers NZ today!

Become a New Zealand Web Ranger! Show your creative side and help others get the best from the web while staying safe and happy. Competition and workshop information at https://netsafe.org.nz/webrangers/ 

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