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Taiwan Trip

Dear Parents/Caregivers,   

I would like to inform you of an opportunity for your daughter to visit Taiwan for an educational and cultural trip.  The 2 to 3 weeks trip will be in the 2016 January holidays and will be offered to students of Year 10 and above in 2016. This is a remarkable opportunity to your child to experience first-hand the multi culture and language of Taiwan. I know this area well and would like to introduce it to our students.   

In Maori mythology, their ancestors lived in a land called Hawaiki before migrating across the Pacific Ocean and settling in Aotearoa. Some scholars speculate that “Hawaiki” may actually refer to Taiwan. This trip will explore the indigenous culture of Taiwan, which will be a remarkable experience for young Maori and Pacifika students in the search of their roots.   

Taiwan is home to an ethnic and cultural diversity that affects its dietary culture as well. Taiwanese cuisine has been strongly influenced by foods rooted in mainland China’s Fujian province, and also by the cuisines of Fuzhou, Chaozhou and Guangdong. During Taiwan’s half-century of Japanese colonial rule, Japanese-style cooking techniques also began to colour Taiwanese food. For Marist students studying Food Technology, learning about the food culture of Taiwan will be a phenomenal learning experience.   

Spending time in Taiwan would be an invaluable experience for our students. The culture classes run by the teaching staff at National Taiwan Normal University are excellent and are of great benefit. The tours will be led by local tour guides, and NTNU staff will accompany our students as ‘supervisors’ to help them immerse with the local people and culture. Our students will grow in confidence while using their Chinese in everyday situations such as in class, in town and in the local schools and shops.   

We are very fortunate to have the support of the NTNU to help with the organisation of the trip. The organiser of NTNU and I will work together to create an itinerary that will best enhance the learning of the Chinese language and culture for our students at a reasonable price.   

During the trip we would like to include the following activities:  
Week 1:Taipei city experience and local cuisines Culture and culinary classes
Week 2:Northern Taiwan cultural and food Experience
                 Natural landscape tour (including railroad day trips)
                 Culture and culinary classes
Week 3:Five days & four nights in depth culture and food tour.
                 The indigenous culture site and centre visits   

In week 1 and 2, Students will stay in a safe and tidy accommodation on the university campus. This building has security guards on site 24 hours and the doors of this building are locked from 11pm every night. Teachers will be staying with them. In week 3, during the culture excursions the students will be staying at hotels with the teachers, tour guide and staff of NTNU.   There will be a Taiwan Trip information evening at school next Tuesday, 3rd of March from 6pm to 7pm. the meeting will take place at 307 (Chinese classroom)  

During this meeting we will be:

  • Watching PowerPoint presentation on the trip
  • Giving out the draft itinerary
  • Information about the important dates for payments
  • Answer and discuss any questions
  • Get parents’ contact details.

Please complete the expression of interest form and return to me before Monday 2nd March, if you would like your child to be considered for this trip and/or you are interested at coming to the trip information evening. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on: e.hsu@maristcollege.school.nz  

I look forward to meeting you at our information evening.   

Yours sincerely,     

Ellen Hsu
HOD languages
Teacher of Chinese Marist College

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