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Tech Angels

Tech Angels are students who meet once a week to learn more about computers and digital technologies. We also assist staff and other students with their ICT needs.

Tech Angels Website

Who can be a Tech Angel?
Any student at Marist College can join the Tech Angels in term one of each year. You don't need to be good at ICT, but you do need to be willing to learn, and to help others. 

Why become a Tech Angel?
One of the most valuable assets in our lives is our education. Being a Tech Angel allows us to extend our education into a new area - that of learning more about Computers and how they work. As well as learning about technology, we are able to give something back to the school community by helping others.
When we meet? 
Fridays, break 2, C309
What we learn:
  • Who to ask for what type of computer help
  • What to try when computers or printers misbehave
  • How to make websites
  • Beginners coding skills
  • Using common software
  • How to design in 3D and use the 3D printer

Tech Angels Badges
In 2016 the Tech Angels and Miss Ronald are developing a system whereby we can choose what we want to learn more about, and earn digital badges in these areas. The badge learning resources and assessments are still being developed. Each student will be issued with a certificate at the end of the year detailing what 'badges' they have attained.
Who to contact:
You can contact Miss Ronald at r.ronald@maristcollege.school.nz