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Please click on the department/s about which you wish to know, to the right. If you have particular concerns on your daughter's academic progress, please contact the relevant Head of Department or Mrs Cecilia Adams, Deputy Principal.  
Contact details are:

NAME Curriculum Leader EXTN EMAIL
Ms Jessica Jacobsen Art 723 j.jacobsen@maristcollege.school.nz
Mrs Judi Leman Business 709 j.leman@maristcollege.school.nz
Ms Cath Mead English 721 c.mead@maristcollege.school.nz
Mrs Suzanne Kreft Enhanced Learning 737 s.kreft@maristcollege.school.nz
Ms Hilary Roy Food Technology 832 h.roy@maristcollege.school.nz
Mrs Wid Al-Rahim Mathematics 713 w.al-rahim@maristcollege.school.nz
Mrs Ronnie Karadjov Music 741 r.karadjov@maristcollege.school.nz
Ms Megan Hartevelt PE & Health 712 m.hartevelt@maristcollege.school.nz
Mrs Emma Coupar-Wanoa   Performing Arts 716 e.couparwanoa@maristcollege.school.nz
Mrs Stateira D'Souza Religious Education 740 s.dsouza@maristcollege.school.nz
Mr Nigel Horne Sciences 715 n.horne@maristcollege.school.nz
Miss Jane Foster Social Science 722 j.foster@maristcollege.school.nz