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Uniform Requirements

Uniform Shop

The Marist College uniform can be purchased from: 
Elizabeth Michael Uniforms
4 Bond Street, Grey Lynn
Phone: 09 358 1680

Second-hand Uniforms

Second-hand uniforms are for sale Monday and Thursday lunchtimes. If you need an appointment outside these hours please email the address below.

There will be an opportunity for new families to purchase second-hand uniforms on Orientation Day, November 6th, and again before Term 1 on January 21st at 10am.

For enquiries and size availability, or to sell or buy second-hand uniform items please email e.brown@

You can donate Marist College uniform items, or we can sell it on your behalf. We take a 20% commission of the sale price. If you are interested please drop your (clean) uniforms off to the office with a contact phone number or email and bank account number.

Prices start at just $15 and most items are available although we do not sell shoes or socks. 
Uniform Requirements
Marist College Uniform